Whatsapp Latest Versions Available

Whatsapp is what every app wants to be – That is ‘Popular’! Just like that, it has so many versions. WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps today. In 2017, it was estimated that the app has over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Because of this popularity, other users have developed their own variety of mods and knock-off apps. Designers of these APKs usually come up with additional features that are lacking from the official app so that others may enjoy them. This article will give you brief explanation of all of them. Read on to know more.

Different Versions Of Whatsapp

  1. Whatsapp Plus

whatsapp plus is only officially available for Android devices. An iOS version does not currently exist. You can download it straight from the Google Play Store but unfortunately this is not officially supported and this means you could end up getting in trouble with the authorities for downloading an illegal app. This is why many people do not use it. Some people use it for work and others use it for private messaging and chatting with friends.

The app allows you to add up to five contacts to your contacts and then sends the messages to each contact individually. To access your messages, all you have to do is open the app or connect to the internet and type in the person who you want to message. You will then be shown all their latest messages and you will see their name at the top.

If you are unsure about a message, just swipe left to delete it.You can also view your messages in a timeline or you can view the text message or you can choose whether you want to see only incoming or outgoing messages. However, if you want the sender to receive all your messages, you can choose to show them all.The application allows you to view your contacts by name, mobile phone numbers, or even email addresses. This means you can view your favourite contacts easily without having to search through your entire contacts list to find their information.

2. Fouad Whatsapp 

 It is a unique material developed mod, which provides plenty of added features, including custom themes, changing skins, adding custom lock styles, and many more.

“Fouad” means “wind”. This was a combination of two words, to create a theme or design, and also because the term has a French word, meaning wind. The goal was to create a design or theme that would have a calming effect, and yet still give you the added features you would expect from a modern smartphone. We believe that it has done just this.


The GBWhatsapp app is actually one of the apps that has been designed for the people who are used to using SMS and other traditional methods of communication. They will be able to use the apps without having to worry about how secure their messages are or what type of messages they can send. These types of services are much more secure than using regular communication channels.

If you are worried about privacy, then you should know that the GBWhatsapp is going to allow you to keep your messages private. The only way that these messages will be sent out is through the use of your phone. It will also be very simple for you to change who is going to receive your messages and this will be possible even if you forget who they belong to.

You will be able to have several different options available when it comes to messages. You will be able to set up a text, voice, picture and video message. You will be able to use any combination of these options as well.

4. Whatsapp Aero

Whatsapp aero, the new android app from the creators of the popular messaging application called Twiter. The app was designed to replace the old version of the messaging service, which Facebook bought for $22 billion in 2020. The app can be used by both new and experienced users of the social networking platform to exchange messages between their friends and family members without having to use the service’s official application.

When users send messages to each other, the chat appears as a slide show in your homescreen. Users can choose from the large list of categories to respond to, or ignore, depending on their preference. You may also be able to customize your profile and create your own groups.Users can search for and find people by email address, name, by birth date, etc. They can also search for people based on location, and/or age. 

5. WAPWhatsapp

WAPWhatsApp is an example of the most intriguing modifications since its development did not rely on the stable version, similar to most of the mods, though, on the wager adaptations released by the North American organization. Hence, it takes advantage of specific capacities that don’t get around implementation. The best thing about WAPWhatsApp is that it enables us to arrange various privacy options, like concealing the time and date when writing a message and a lot more items.

6. FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is an enhanced and better version of the official messaging app. While we don’t find any bugs on the official WhatsApp, the lack of some features is the problem. The APK of FMWhatsApp comes from the same builder of Fouad WhatsApp. Because of this, you’ll observe that the features of the two mods are almost similar. Most features except for the blue buttons.